Has The Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme Failed?

The TV documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed has brought about a level of negative publicity toward the world of organised dog breeding and the Kennel Club the like of which neither has experienced in the past.

More than 3.9m sat and recoiled as the documentary exposed shocking levels of animal cruelty that are being inflicted on man’s best friend as a result of horrific breeding standards and outdated views on what is desirable from certain breeds of dogs.

The Kennel Club is by no means soley responsible for what has happened to dogs over the past century but it’s impossible to argue that the buck does not stop with them. The real eye opener for many who watched the documentary and have observed the subsequent fallout is just how unapologetic certain sections of the organised canine world are. Rather than face up to the horrors of what was clearly exposed in front of the nation, they have sought to deflect attention, make accusations of bias and generally look to apportion the blame on anyone other than themselves.

The Kennel Club for its part has offered their own Accredited Breeder Scheme as a possible ray of light to brighten the gloom. A claim which is somewhat hard to believe given the Kennel Club has spent so much time arguing via the media that it is ‘powerless’ to change its own rules and publicly fretting about the impact of those breeders who ‘choose to walk away’ should the Kennel Club actually get tough.

If the Kennel Club is powerless to change its own rules to make such a fundamentally obvious change, what faith should the public place in them to run an Accredited Breeder Scheme with any degree of authority?

The Kennel Club’s Accredited Breeder Scheme does not go far enough.

We need something different.

Something better.

Something that rewards the best of the best dog breeders.

If you agree, if  you would like to see the standards of dog breeding in the UK improved, please support and join us in developing a new, better accreditation scheme.

The key principles of the “Well-bred” scheme will be published here shortly.